Practice your vocab everyday

With Leanvocab, you can easily practice your vocab everyday, anywhere. Simply turn on the app, and start practicing words that you previously entered into the application.


Multi device

Support landscape / portrait on every iOS devices.

Smart algorithm

The app gives you the right words you need to learn at the right time.


Don't worry about being offline, the app will synch when network wil be found.

How it works?

You start the app by connecting to Leanvocab using your Facebook account. This will help us to know who you are and to sync your different devices together.

Every time you discover a you don't know in the real life, open Leanvocab and register save it there. This will help you keep track of the vocab you have learnt and still need to practice.

When you have a few minutes, open the app, and practice the words you entered previously. Don't forget, the more often you practice the faster you will remember the words.

Easy to use

The app is extremely simple to help you focus on what you need the most; Learning new vocabulary in your favourite foreign language.

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